Benefits of one-stop shopping

A Harris Interactive survey of more than 2,000
home buyers found that 90 percent of those who
didn't use recommended in-house services
believe they would have had a better, more
streamlined home buying experience if they had.


Our agents communicate daily with our recommended
lenders. By working with a recommended lender you only
have to communicate with your Blue Fence agent as they
will handle all aspects of the transaction.

Ultimately, our job is to make the home buying process
as easy on you as possible.

Also, by working with one of our recommended lenders
we can usually close quicker and with less surprises.

Its a free service we offer our clients to talk with one of
our recommended lenders. We make it a priority that our
preferred lenders must offer competitive programs, rates
and fees.
Recommended Mortgage Lenders
Megan Harmon
Platinum Home Mortgage
phone: 847-797-9500
Craig Hodges
Fifth Third Bank
phone: 815-543-6272
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