Getting More Without Giving More

It is a well known fact that most people love having more without spending
more to get it. This applies in the buying of houses as well. Home buyers want
the most house that their money can buy. Open floor plans of a smaller house
often sell better than the cramped floor plan of a larger home. What is the
difference? The smaller home’s open floor plan created the feel of being
spacious. Knowing how to make the most of your square footage is vitally
important to selling your home. You don’t have to renovate and knock down
walls in order to visually create more space. In this email, I am offering you
some tried and true methods on how to visually create more space.


Keeping your home clean and well arranged can do a great deal in getting top
dollar for your house when you decide to sell. As you can see, most of the ways
to open up your home are inexpensive. These cost effective tips can help you
get the most out of your home when you are trying to sell, as it allows the
prospective buyer to see your home’s true potential.

Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.